Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Pagent.

Well, I've just had a really tiring day today. Went to a pagent, sang there, watched the pagent, and sang again, while standing the entire time -.-.

Glad to be sitting down! :)

While I was there I saw some really interesting things.
I have an ornamental caterpillar and, as summer is here, I got him a tree, to give him some shade.

He looks so much happier now!

Plus I got a small blanket to decorate my bed. looks soo nice!

Now I think I'll sit down and watch something, either comedy or action......
I shall post more later!

Friday, November 4, 2011

In the past couple of weeks...

Well it's the final term of school, and it's a only just over a month before Christmas!


Ok, keeping calm.......

Anyway, I really haven't been doing much over the past couple of weeks, mainly studying for a few tests.

Plus I have a cold, woke up this morning with a deep voice, NOT fun...........

However, I did get something really cool.

It's a wallet case for my phone! It's really useful for going to TAFE so I don't need to take my actual wallet, I also carry around a little coin wallet with it, but that's not on me 24/7. The case cost me $10 from ebay, and it's great!
The only thing about it is that it's a bit awkward to talk to people with while the case is on, but I can easily take the phone out.

That's all I have right now, I shall post more later!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is Updating Again!

Well I haven't used this for over a year... but I think I'll use this blog again!

With luck I'll be using this more often than I did last time.

Here's a few updates on how I've been doing.

1. Moving

I finished my year 12 of Homeschooling and now I'm going to TAFE
And plus..... I've moved out!
I'm now an independednt person! *crowd goes wild*
Oh and to all the kids that want to move out, it's not as easy as you think......


I've started doing IT class in TAFE and, hopefully, I'll have the certificate at the end of this year.

Unfortunately that's all I have to update right now, I'll update later!