Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday review: Smurfs

Hello and welcome to my first:

 For my first one I shall start with a movie I think most people would enjoy:
The Smurfs!

  The Smurfs are a bunch of blue people and they live in a magical world where singing and work mix and life is grand, until they accidently find themselves in the real world, where everything is different from what they knew.

My opinion:
I thought the movie was a grand way to capture the small childrens attention and give the adults a good laugh at the same time. The movie also answers a main question that the cartoon series never explained: Why is Smurfette the only girl in the vilage?
The story was well thought of, and how they made it was well done. No bad language ( unless you speak smurf!) Most people might not like it though, as it isn't anything like the cartton series, but I thought it was a funny twist to bring them alive again!
All in all I give it:
4 Stars

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